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Integrating our business values and operations are essential in meeting the expectations of our stakeholders, such as our customers, employees, suppliers, legislative regulators, the community and the environment. 

Our social, economic and environmental responsibilities to these stakeholders are fundamental to our business and we aim to demonstrate these responsibilities through our actions and are underpinned by all of our policies. 

Corporate Social Responsibility Diagram |

Occupational Health, Safety and Welfare


The health, safety and welfare of our employees, clients and suppliers are of paramount importance to Celvac.  

We have an exemplary safety record and we continually review our procedures, practices and training requirements to ensure that we work safer, more effectively and exceed industry standards on each occasion. 

Quality Performance


Celvac is committed to providing customer satisfaction and continually strives to meet customers’ needs and expectations at all times.  Our focus on quality demands total involvement from all employees and clear communication.

New technology and practices are applied, supported by training, to ensure that successful implementation is achieved so that we continuously improve.

Environmental Performance 


Celvac recognizes that concern for the environment should be an integral and fundamental part of our business operations.

As a result, we continually promote the improvement of our environmental performance by developing new plant, equipment and working processes that underpin our commitment to sustainability and responsibility.

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