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Celvac’s in-house Research, Design and Build team construct specialist vacuum recovery systems (Hyper-Vacs) for almost every type of operation, environment and terrain. As well as building them to service the delivery of clients’ contracts, we also design and build to export and have sold a number of units to clients within the Middle East.  

Each unit is completely bespoke and designed to meet specific client requirements, hence our company moto “your problem our solution.”

Available in mild and stainless steel Celvac’s Hyper-Vac’s can accommodate an impressive payload (limited only by axle loading requirements) via any type of rigid, semi-trailer or trailer chassis unit with unique features and automated systems.

Typical variations are listed below together with other specialist processing equipment the company has developed and uses day to day: 


  • Hyper-Vac 3000cfm Liquid Ring Suction Units

  • Hyper-Vac 4000cfm Liquid Ring Suction Units 

  • Hyper-Vac 4000cfm Routes Type Blower Powder Handling Unit 

  • Combined powder and liquid handling systems 

  • 5000cfm Power Packs with suction and dump hopper system.

  • Powder, solids, liquids handling systems.

  • Sludge dewatering mobile centrifuge systems.

  • Sludge cleaning and de-griting units.

  • Mobile screening units

  • Catalyst handling units for temperatures up to 350 degrees centigrade.

  • Media washing pants.

  • Intrinsically safe compressed air driven vacuum recovery systems.  

Celvac In House Bespoke Design
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